Welcome to the College’s ENLIGHTENme Hub & Knowledge Bank – a dedicated virtual learning environment (VLE) of Emergency Medicine resources to provide education, decision support and opportunities for academic networking. The site is owned by the College of Emergency Medicine though we are now beginning to develop relationships with international partners. We very much hope you will enjoy the Hub as it evolves and that you will contribute with your ideas for its improvement.

Some parts of the site have now been live for over two years and other parts are still undergoing ‘beta testing’. We want to continue to develop a VLE that will meet the needs of all doctors involved in emergency care both within UK & Ireland as well as creating the opportunity to collaborate internationally with other partners.

Beta testing allows us to evaluate the VLE for faults in the system, refine our approach, seek further feedback and then optimise the function as a result. We appreciate all feedback that we receive to help refine the vision of what we think the Hub & Knowledge Bank should deliver.

My thanks to all those who have contributed so far. Special mention must go to those involved in the Hub’s initial build / development, to the Section Editors of the ENLIGHTENme – eLfH programme as it was and the present Editorial Executive as well as the CREC Chairs nationally for their commitment and hard work. Many more of you as Fellows and Members will have an opportunity to contribute in the coming year with your enthusiasm, expertise and innovative ideas for education in a virtual learning environment – we warmly welcome you to do so.