Author Prize 2021

  • Are you interested in getting involved with RCEMLearning?
  • Have you got a gap on your CV that needs to be filled by some educational/academic activity?
  • Are you interested in getting your work published on a platform that will be used by hundreds of your peers?

If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then the RCEMLearning Author Prize may be of interest. 

All you have to do is; submit a learning session which covers one of our unfilled curriculum competences. 

Submissions will be assessed by the RCEMLearning Editorial Executive and author[s] of the successful session will get free access to attend RCEM’s Annual Scientific Conference 2021.

Safeguarding & Psycho-social
SaC4 Sexual abuse
DC3 Eczema
DC7 Pressure ulcers
Ear, nose and throat
EC14 Salivary gland disease

Contact to register your name and to reserve a topic.

Terms and conditions 

  • Author prize opens for submissions from 28th June 2021
  • All Author prize submissions must be submitted before the closing date 5pm Friday 20th August 2021.
  • To be eligible all submissions must be learning sessions on one of the uncovered curriculum competences. No other submissions or content types will be considered.
  • You must contact the RCEMLearning team to advise of what topic you will be submitting from the list. 
  • Once the team have been advised that a topic is being covered – that will then be unavailable and removed from the list.
  • Maximum of one award per author.
  • All submissions will be anonymously judged and peer reviewed by relevant members of the RCEMLearning Editorial Executive. 
  • A maximum of two main authors are entitled to receive the award.
  • The award can only be redeemed against Annual Scientific Conference 2021.
  • The award will provide full registration costs for the conference. All other costs will be met by the author[s]. 

For more information, please contact RCEMLearning

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