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Housewarming Flames

This SAQ explores major burns in a paediatric patient, recognising the signs of inhalation injury and interventions instigated during the primary survey…

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Seeing red (flags)

A 56-year-old plumber presents to the ED with a 24-hour history of worsening lower back pain after lifting some heavy bags of cement…

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This is not ‘NSR’!

Is this another Normal Sinus Rhythm (NSR) or could the T-waves be telling us more about a not-so-rare syndrome in this 69 year old Patient with chest pain.…

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Stroke or seizure?

A gentleman presented with loss of power and sensation to his left side, slow speech and facial droop; CT brain was normal. His symptoms resolved over the next three days…

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Decision Making in Paeds

EM physicians need to be decision makers, quick thinkers and risk balancers. This is what we are good at. In fact, many will tell you that the purpose of the PEM rotation is to learn to spot the sick …

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