April 2020

Authors: Mark Winstanley, Michelle Tipping, Charlotte Davies, Sarah Edwards, Katherine Mannix, Andy Neill / Codes:  CP2, PalC7, RP5, SLO1, SLO3, SLO6Published: 01/04/2020

Dr Mark Winstanley
Dr Michelle Tipping

FICM COVID information
RCP Guidelines

Dr Charlotte Davies

Dr Sarah Edwards
Dr Katherine Mannix


Andy Neill

COVID Intubation
EMCrit COVID Intrubation
Safe Airway Society Guidance

Key principles of lung protective ventilation

1) tidal volumes of 6ml/kg of IBW.
2) be sure to increase your PEEP as you increase your FiO2
3) keep your plateau pressures under 30
4) don’t expect to normalise the physiology

Excellent video on proning from the PROSEVA trial authors

Bryan Reidy (@bryan_reidy) excellent COVID critical care algorithms

Ventilation PDF – print, laminate and attach to vent


  1. Dr. Abhilash John Konnakottu says:

    Great podcast. The ventilation segment is especially useful, the flowchart to attach to the ventilator should be very useful in times of undue stress. Thank you

  2. Mrs. Jennifer Anne Scholey says:

    Great Podcast thank you – some very interesting and relatable information in the current climate! very useful indeed.

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