Author: Charlotte Davies / Codes:  / Published: 17/04/2020

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The coronavirus pandemic is quickly unfolding around us and here at @RCEMLearning we have collated experience from the team and two excellent blog sites, St.Emlyn’s and Don’t Forget the Bubbles, to keep you up to speed on how to care for your patients, yourselves and your teams during this time. We are really grateful that both teams have collaborated with us to publish some of their content here. They have lots more on their individual websites and we strongly encourage you to give them a browse.

We know it is likely that some of our non-EM colleagues will be asked to do clinical procedures they’re not used to – and we hope some of these resources will help them, as well as making sure we don’t reinvent the wheel. 

The situation is evolving quickly, and we will do our best to keep this page updated – but we don’t know how events are going to unfold. Always make sure you read this in conjunction with the PHE and your hospital’s advice, as well as some consideration for what “type of resource” this is – i.e. critically appraise everything you read. If you have any resources that you’re willing to share, please email us, or post on twitter with the #rcemcovid hashtag so that we can find it! 

The update list was growing so much we’ve moved it into a second document – check what’s changed since you last visited here.