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EMB Part 1


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Author: Rick Body / Codes: CC21, CC23 / Published: 20/07/2015

This is the first in a new series of podcasts from the RCEM Research & Publications Committee. As the title suggests this series is designed to bring you the latest cutting edge research from our specialty, to keep you up to date with whats going on, help you to get involved (if you so wish) and maybe even inspire one or two people to take the brilliant option of a portfolio career in academic Emergency Medicine, which is (after all) the greatest job in the entire world.

In this first podcast, Im talking to THE most charismatic, THE most forward thinking, and almost certainly THE most famous emergency physician worldwide the one and only Scott Weingart, who tells us what we can expect when he comes to talk at the RCEM Annual Scientific Conference in Manchester (September 28-30, 2015). If you havent already, make sure you sign up here. Its going to be an incredible event!

I also talk to the inspiring Professor Suzanne Mason, outgoing chair of the RCEM Research & Publications Committee, who tells us all about the great work of the committee and how you can get involved. I hope you enjoy!

Rick Body, RCEM Professor

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