EMJ December 2020

Author: Noel Fernando / Codes: CC22, HAP19, MuP2, SLO11, SLO4, TP7 / Published: 11/12/2020


  1. Ashraf Ali says:

    a good review of Colles fracture

  2. Dr. Christopher William Hook says:


  3. Dr. Tariq Mehmood Juno says:

    lovely discussion, As for as my experience is concerned I have tried both blocks, I agree with Noel that use of Bier’s block takes lot of resources and time for a senior ED physician certainly in a busy department, with the use of Penthrox and hematoma block I have seen encouraging results particularly mentioning about elderly patients with multiple comorbidities, I can say surely I have saved certain surgeries with satisfactory results by the use of hematoma block and Penthrox ( I have no conflict of interest ). I would must say patient selection for the procedure is key of success.

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