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Authors: Adrian Boyle, Catherine Hayhurst / Codes: SLO1, SLO2, SLO3, SLO4, SLO5, SLO6, SLO7, SLO8 / Published: 19/03/2015

Welcome to the first of a new series of podcasts that will be published on the Best Practice Guidelines.

Best Practice Guidelines are produced by the Royal College for important problems where there is anticipated to be little or no relevant high quality evidence. They rely heavily on consensus and the experience of sub-committee members. They are designed to be usable by Emergency Department Clinicians and are short and digestible.

This podcast covers the Best Practice Guideline on end of life care in the Emergency Department. Most literature that exists on this topic covers planning care for end of life but there is a paucity of literature on how to manage end of life care that presents in an unplanned fashion to our Emergency Departments. This guideline aims to help inform your management of such a situation.