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Author: Charlotte Davies / Codes: CAP1Published: 07/07/2019

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Human factors is a hot topic. We’ve got *loads* of resources on this, so we thought we’d put some together in an iBook! To supplement your RCEM learning, look at the #humanfactors hashtag on twitter and all the links signposted to in the book.

You all know what human factors are. If you’re not sure, complete this e-learning module and watch this video to remind yourself. Then complete this testing module. We haven’t linked to the “famous” human factors video…but maybe we should! Here’s the original Elaine Bromiley video.

And here’s the new video. If you’ve seen that video too many times already, here’s an alternative. There’s also a basic introduction online course available free, and if you fancy paying, you can even get a certificate for completion!

Now you’ve reminded yourself of human factors, watch this video of a real mistake, and identify the human factors and non technical skills that you can see. You may find it helpful to use the table below to guide your watching.

Wellbeing and fatigue management are all part of human factors. We haven’t included our wellbeing topics here as there’s too much to cover if we include everything! It’s wonderfully covered in the college RCEM wellbeing book already. We also haven’t written anything on effective teams, followership or leadership – maybe you could fill that gap for us?

Design is also a part of human factors. We’ve all seen the “intended path” vs the “actual path” in the park – and medicine is no different. If a short cut can be taken, it will be. The CHFG has resources that are well worth a listen. How often do you use a sign like in the picture then wonder why no-one noticed the sign?

This collection of human factors resources has been highlighted by the RCEMLearning blogs team, and painstakingly put into blog format by our amazing  creative director Nigel @strata5. As well as clinical  education, the RCEMLearning team are passionate about non clinical education, and hope you enjoy this collection

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