Author: Nikki Abela / Codes: / Published: 07/09/2017

The inaugural Don’t Forget the Bubbles conference was held in Brisbane at the end of August and RCEMLearning’s Nikki Abela flew over to for this event.

The program was packed with some great speakers, and our podcast could never do them justice, but we hope to give you a flavour here.

Andy Tagg spoke to Nikki about “The Road Not Taken” and has also written a blog on the topic. We also managed to get Eric Levi (do check out his website) to give us some tips on paediatric ENT/Airway problems. We also caught up with the well known Ross Fisher about his talk on excellence in paediatric care, and found out that the Dunning-Kruger graph that we have all come across (and probably quoted), was not featured in the original paper.

At the welcome reception, Nikki also got some comments from Mary Freer, founder of The Compassion Lab, together with other guests and speakers, including researcher Sarah McNab.

This podcast could never do justice to the event, but we hope it has helped those who couldn’t make it not to feel so left out! Our monthly podcasts will have more paediatric pearls from DFTB17, so you will need to keep your ears pealed for them.

The DFTB team will also be releasing the talks in the next few months.