Authors: Andy Neill / Codes: CC4, CP1, CP2, MHC1, MHC2, MHC3, MHC7, MHP1, MHP2, MHP4, NepC1, NepC5, NepP2, NeuC2, NeuP2, ObC1, ObC11, ObC15, ObC2, ObC9, ObP3, ObP7, PalC1, PalC2, PalC7, RC3, RP1, RP2, RP3, SLO1, SLO2, SLO3, SLO4, SLO5, SLO7, SLO8, SLO9, XC2 / Published: 05/04/2017

The 2017 RCEM CPD conference was held in central London in April 2017. There was a great selection of speakers and we had the good fortune to capture a few interviews with some of the speakers.

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Peri-Mortem C-Section: Jules Blackham

  • >20 wks – just do it
  • vertical incision
  • all you need is a scalpel and scissors
  • don’t tilt them just get someone to manually displace uterus by pulling it to left

Paediatric Headache: Dan Lumsden

  • look for red flags for secondary headaches
    • personality changes and neurological signs are obvious
    • the others are all similar to those that we look out for in adults
  • primary headaches such as tension and migraine are common and we should look for and try and diagnose these

Chronic Kidney Disease in the ED: Katherine Henderson

  • CKD is chronic immunosuppression, not as severe as neutropenia but still significant
  • troponin is often raised and difficult to interpret but should not be ignored purely because of CKD
  • dimer is similar – useful if negative but it does rise in CKD. Might be a role for creatinine adjusted dimers in future
  • check your prescribing. Aciclovir a famous one for this

Geriatrics and end of life planning: Linda Dykes

  • we can and should be involved in planning DNA CPR
  • read Being Mortal
  • most patients are open to discussion. It’s usually us that are loathe to discuss it.

Acute Heart Failure: Mervyn Singer

  • furosemide works mainly by the vasodilation. Patients feel better before the diuresis happens
  • Singer prefers nitrates over diuretics
  • GIK (glucose insulin potassium) is novel in heart faulure with minimal evidence base but extrapolated from ca channel overdose literature. Singer uses it as a catecholamine sparing drug.

Adolescents in the ED: Rhys Bennon

  • adolescents have their own special needs that we don’t meet particularly well.
  • The HEADSSS mnemonic can be useful