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LTC Podcast 2 – Prehospital USS / Transfer of Difficult Patient / Prehospital TXA


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Author: Dave McCreary, Stefan Mazur / Codes: CMP3, HAP26, HMP3, U4, U5 / Published: 30/01/2015

Here we have the second official LTC Podcast recorded live at the conference, an interview with Stefan Mazur, Consultant Emergency Physician & Prehospital Care / Retrieval Specialist; who gave several talks in the Trauma Conference and Remote Care sessions.

In this interview we discuss his experience in the use of ultrasound for critical care in the remote environment (and the uses are plenty), some tips for the transport of difficult patients (the psychotic, the BMI Bountiful and the infectious), and we discuss his thoughts on the use of Tranexamic Acid in pre-hospital care is it ready for prime time?

As always remember to follow the London Trauma Conference @LDNtrauma, and myself on twitter @dmccreary85 or @FOAMedNW for any questions or comments.

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