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Authors: Fred MacSorley, Dave McCreary / Codes: RP4, SLO3 / Published: 06/02/2015

In this podcast I had the chance to interview Dr. Macsorley MBE, a GP with over 25 years experience in Pre-hospital & Motorsport Medicine who gave the keynote speech at the motorsport medicine breakaway session and took the time to speak to me afterwards.

 This was a captivating talk from a man who has seen first hand the effect of the development of organised trauma and pre-hospital care, whilst still having an absolute love for his day job as a GP.  Take home messages from here include how important a job the volunteer doctors are doing at motorsport events by regularly saving lives at the road-side, but also how important it is to enjoy your work and have a strong support network at home; in Fred’s case his wife and kids for whom he is very thankful.

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