Ophthalmology Clinical

Authors: Michael Quirke, Andy Neill / Codes: C3AP1d, CAP29, HAP32, PAP14, OptC1, OptC3, OptC5, OptP3, OptP4, SLO1 / Published: 14/10/2015

This podcast is a follow up from the previous ophthalmology podcasts. This time covering the clinical cases that you will see, helping to prepare you for an area that sometimes can be uncomfortable to manage.

We also have a great video on “how to use a slit lamp” produced for the RCFN by Graham Duguid with some editorial assistance from Anu Mitra

How to use a slit lamp

Using the slit lamp documentation


  1. OphtoBook
  2. relative afferent pupillary defect
  3. intro to slit lamp
  4. Conjunectival papillae
  5. Stromal Abscess
  6. Dendritic ulcer
  7. Hyphaema
  8. Hypopyon
  9. cells and flare
  10. gaze palsies
  11. retinal detachment ultrasound
  12. retroillumination
  13. LITFL eye cases
  14. recent evidence for LA in corneal abrasions


  1. qudsis says:

    Excellent ophthalmology talk mainly adult but conjunctivitis and seasonal allergic reaction also common in paediatrics.
    Again history is the king to r/o red flag symptoms.Examination, ophthalmoscope,slite light,anesthetics drops , patient and dr position is the key to concider

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