Paediatric Trauma – Minor head injury…..probably

Author: Jonathan Benger / Codes: CAP18, PMP4 / Published: 23/11/2015

September 2015 brought us the superb RCEM Annual Scientific Conference in Manchester. Rick Body and the Organising Committee did a superb job of providing us with 3 days of education, entertainment and networking.

For those of you who weren’t able to attend and for those of you who want to listen again to some of the great talks, this month we’ll be bringing you some of the superb plenary sessions on the podcast.

Jonathan Benger is the speaker for this podcast on minor head injury…probably.


  1. phallem says:

    Good practical tips

  2. Dr. Raj Kishorkumar Ghetia says:

    Good practical tips that could be included in teaching as well (including the pirate jokes).

  3. Yasmeen Musekhan says:

    Very logical

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