Authors: Charlotte Davies / Editor: Liz Herrieven / Codes: MHC1, MHC3, MHC4, MHC6, MHP1, MHP4, MHP5, SLO9 / Published: 09/04/2024

They say pictures are worth a 1000 words, and at RCEMLearning we’re really lucky to have some very skilled infographic creators. This is an experimental style of blog, and we’d very much love your (positive and negative) feedback before we consider creating any more.

In this blog, we’ve collated all our infographics, and some pictures, around mental health in the ED. We hope that the pictures will spark your curiosity, and you’ll delve further into the original resource for further learning – or maybe the picture will highlight gaps in your knowledge, or provide a useful gem. If the pictures inspire you to create your own infographic, we’d love to share them!

Our first (and perhaps only) pictures of health blog is focussing on mental health. We’ll start with the RCEMCurriculum Syllabus:

MHP1: Aggressive or Disturbed Behaviour, Violence

MHP4: Self Harm – in young people

MHP5: Wanting to Leave

MHC1: Alcohol and Substance Misuse Vaping, Alcohol, Ecstasy

MHC3: Eating Disorders blog, and reference section

MCH4: Personality Disorders

MHC6: Somatic (we’ll include functional and functional subsets like IBS)