Authors: Simon Laing, Andy Neill / Code: / Published: 11/01/2017

You may have been expecting a January New in EM. Well sorry folks, in the name of wellness and christmas holidays we took a month. Don’t worry we’ll be back in February.

But for now you can listen to a few short minutes of Andy Neill and Simon Laing let you now about a few changes coming to RCEM FOAMed and ask for a little help from you guys.

RCEM Learning and RCEM FOAMed are merging. This means one website, one RSS feed, all the content in one placed and easier to find and navigate.

The RCEM FOAMed podcast is changing to become a monthly “chaptered” podcast with multiple segments. If you’ve listened to EM:RAP then you’ll know the kind of thing we’re aiming for. We’re planning lots of new segments for this

We want you to get involved. The RCEM FOAMed was always intended to help people who wanted to do FOAMed get it out there. We still haven’t achieved that yet but we really want to get you the listener involved in producing either podcast segments or blogs.

There’ll be a submission/application process to go through and expect to have to do some work to make it good enough (just like any normal publication) but we really want to encourage and help you produce good content.

The application process is being finalised and we’ll let you know when you can submit

Thanks for listening and your support