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RCEM guideline; Domestic Violence


The content you’re about to read or listen to is at least two years old, which means evidence and guidelines may have changed since it was originally published. This content item won’t be edited but there will be a newer version published if warranted. Check the new publications and curriculum map for updates

Authors: Adrian Boyle, Simon Laing / Codes: CC12, HAP30 / Published: 20/04/2015

Welcome to another Best Practice Guideline podcast from RCEM.

Best Practice Guidelines are produced by the Royal College for important problems where there is anticipated to be little or no relevant high quality evidence. They rely heavily on consensus and the experience of sub-committee members. They are designed to be usable by Emergency Department Clinicians and are short and digestible.

This podcast covers the Best Practice Guideline on Domestic Violence in the Emergency Department, which can be found along with all other the other guidelines on the main RCEM site.

The podcasts gives listeners an overview of when to suspect and how to approach the topic including any advice we should give.

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