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Authors: Becky Maxwell, Emma Redfern / Codes: SLO11, SLO12 / Published: 17/02/2016

In the UK Emergency Departments are facing increasing pressure with more attendances and problems with staffing. The Royal College of Emergency Medicine has put together a Safety Toolkit as a framework for Emergency Department to help them deliver safe, high quality care for patients.

In this podcast Emma Redfern, Chair of the Safer Care Committee at RCEM, discusses the elements of the Safety Toolkit with Becky Maxwell.

There are ten chapters of the toolkit, each are discussed in the podcast:

  1. Designing a risk register
  2. Learning from practice
  3. Safe leadership
  4. Supporting the Second Victim
  5. Education
  6. Safety scorecard
  7. Safety culture
  8. Team working
  9. Departmental activity resources
  10. Integrating safety checklist

The Safety Toolkit is available on the College website.