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Authors: Nikki Abela, Craig Davidson, Simon Carley / Codes: SLO12, SLO9 / Published: 30/03/2016

Simon Carley (of StEmlyns fame) was at the Leeds CPD conference in March this year giving the closing Maurice Ellis lecture.

In true StEmlyns style he had a whole series of excellent blog posts summarising his talk immediately available.

We were lucky enough to get him for an interview about the lecture just prior to giving it.

The StEmlyns Blogs

All the references you need are found over on those blog posts so get reading.

Be sure to subscribe to StEmlyns (both the blog and podcast) to keep up with their great work.

Interviewers: Nikki Abela, Craig Davidson

Interviewee: Simon Carley

Featured Image Credit: StEmlyns