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Lessons learned from major trauma with Jon Jones


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Authors: Andy Neill / Codes: CMP3 / Published: 17/08/2016


Back at the Leeds CPD conference in March 2016 I had the chance to sit down with Jon Jones, Consutant in EM in Leeds to chat about major trauma. Jon has a real interest in major trauma, to the point of setting up UKEM Trauma to share resources. He also does some work with RCEM on major trauma too.

We cover everything from saving spleens to cracking chests and there’s even some chipmunks thrown in for good measure.

This interview is less about evidence than it is about real coal face experience from managing major trauma. It’s packed full of lessons if not necessarily references.

Papers mentioned:

Slessor – Thoracotomies in blunt trauma
NICE guidelines on trauma

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