Group Leader Reports

Overall Progress

The Overview

Progress of your Team

Here is an overview of how many students are in your group and how many modules they are assigned to complete. You can click on each of these items to drill down more into the sections. 

This is where you can see the overall progress of whats been completed vs not started. Scroll further down the page to discover more about your staff and how they have done on their Induction modules so far. Hover or tap the pie chart to see numbers for each section.

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Pro Panel Reporting

Focusing on your team

Take a look at a more in-depth report about how much Induction training your team have completed. You can see time spent, modules completed, scores achieved and so much more. Even email members of your group direct to enquire about progress.

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The Overview

Progress chart

See what your group have completed vs what they have not started. Once you have chosen a particular filter in the section above you can tap or hover over the pie chart sections to see more information.

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Their Activity

What have they completed?

Completion rates which can be downloaded by either module or exam.

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RCEMLearning Induction

We have found the RCEMLearning Induction modules to be a very successful addition to the website. if you would like to suggest any new features then please get in touch.