Author: Matthew Macartney, Adam Gowdy, Chris Boyle, Niall Collum / Editor: Yasmin Sultan / Codes: SLO1, SLO6, SLO9, SuP1, SuP2, VC2Published: 09/06/2022

You are the registrar on shift in a busy emergency department (ED) and are approached by a junior member of the team, Sara, who wishes to discuss a patient with you.

She tells you that Mr. Adams is a 67-year-old male who presented with an episode of left flank pain. His bloods and observations are normal. She is concerned that he has a kidney stone. After your discussion you feel that it is best to use first use Point of Care Ultrasound (PoCUS) to identify if there is evidence of an Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA). You ask Sara to bring the ultrasound machine to the bedside where you will join her.