Author: Atif Latif, Nadiah Parry / Editor: Jason M Kendall / Reviewer: Peter Lynas / Codes: RP4, SLO4, TP4, TP5, UP5, UP6Published: 07/03/2021

An 18-year-old male is brought into the Emergency Department (ED) by ambulance. He was performing a BMX stunt off a ramp approximately 6 feet in the air and lost his balance, and fell to the floor landing on his right hand side, and then rolling onto his front. He did not lose consciousness and there was no history of vomiting. His presenting complaint was bruising to the left side of his forehead and minimal right sided abdominal pain.

On arrival in the ED, his observations are as follows: HR 80 (regular), BP 105/58, SaO2 100% on air, RR 15, GCS 15/15, Temp 36.1°C. On further examination, he had a left forehead haematoma 2cm in diameter. Examination of his abdomen revealed some tenderness on palpation of his right loin. Urinalysis demonstrated frank haematuria.