Author: Quadrat-A-Eahsan Ullah, Greg Heath, Taiwo Olasoji / Editor: Sarah Edwards / Codes: OptP1, SLO1, SLO2 / Published: 22/07/2022

An 18-year-male is presented to the Emergency Department (ED) on Saturday afternoon with on & off headache for 2 months with history of left eye blurriness & strain while focusing on distant object. On examination, there is a mild red left eye with normal visual acuity, colour of vision and intraocular pressure is found.

Fig.1 Mild congested left eye

However, fundoscopy examination of left eye reveals ciliary retinal artery with multiple aneurysmal changes and telangiectasia associated with exudate and “sausage” segmentation of arterioles.

Fig.2 Left retinal fundoscopy

The patient is then referred urgently to Ophthalmologist who diagnosed Coats’ Disease.