Communication PACE

Provides guidance on how to be assertive when things go wrong.

Probe (gain attention or raise concern)

Alert (repetition, increase volume)

Challenge (formal statement of concerns)

Emergency (critical eye contact/we must)

PACE example

A patient in an endoscopy suite having ODG, is being monitored by the nurse. Pulse oximeter readings are falling.

Nurse: “Doctor is everything OK there? Are you happy with sats of 85%?” PROBE

Doctor: “No problems.”

Nurse: “Doctor, this patient’s saturations are falling and are now only 85%. They should be higher!” ALERT

Doctor: “I’ve nearly finished.”

Nurse: “Doctor! You need to stop what you’re doing now. The patient is not well. Her saturations are only 80%!” CHALLENGE

Doctor: ” In a minute.”

Nurse: “Sorry Doctor!” (As she takes the scope out and starts bagging the patient). EMERGENCY