Author: Steve Corry-Bass Editor: Andrew Tabner / Code: CP2, MHP1, ResP2, SLO1, SLO3 / Reviewer: Steve Corry-Bass / Published: 16/01/2021 / Reviewed: 29/02/2024

A 19-year-old male has presented to the Emergency Department (ED) following an alleged assault whilst he was waiting to get into a nightclub. He is complaining of being ‘badly winded’.

He was brought to the department by the Police (he is under arrest) and is angry at having to wait to be seen. He denies any head injury or Loss of Consciousness. He has no Past Medical History / Medications / Allergies. He states he has “had a few”, and that he was assaulted for no reason, having his wallet and phone stolen.

The triage nurse has documented the following observations.

Temp – 35.9ºC

HR – 137 /minute

BP – 101/77 mmHg

RR – 24 / minute (shouting)

Sats – 83% (poor trace)

BM – 6.3mmol/l

Pupils – 6mm & reactive bilaterally

GCS – 15/15

His behaviour has escalated in the time it has taken for the triage nurse to find you, he is now being restrained by two police officers, shouting / swearing and being aggressive. He states that he is going to find the guy who did this and ensure that he “gets what he deserves” and is demanding to leave.

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