Risk Stratification

Patients are considered to be LOW risk if there are no worrying features from history or examination AND:

  • >60 days of age
  • Born >32 weeks’ gestation and have a corrected age of >45 weeks (or approximately >2 months)
  • No CPR given by trained practitioner
  • <1 minute duration
  • First event
  • No CPR by healthcare professional

These patients are unlikely to have a severe underlying disorder and the event is unlikely to recur. There is no known association between BRUE with low-risk features and the risk for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

Any patients outside of this group are considered HIGH risk.

Please see PIER Network flow diagram4:

Learning Bite

“Corrected age” corrects for a baby’s prematurity. This is important to give an accurate assessment of developmental abilities, as a baby born at 28 weeks will not have developed and matured to the same degree as a baby born at term.

It is calculated as follows:

Corrected age = (Chronological i.e. Actual age) – (weeks of prematurity)

E.g. a baby who is 24 weeks at presentation to ED, but was born at 28 weeks’ gestation:
24 weeks – 12 weeks = 12 weeks

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