Changes in Bony Disorders

Table 1: Changes in Serum, Phosphate and Alkaline Phosphate in Bony Disorders

Bone Disorder Ca2+ PO42- Alkaline Phosphatase
Osteoporosis N N N
Osteomalacia N ?↓
Paget’s disease N N
Primary hyperparathyroidism N
Secondary hyperparathyroidism ↓N N
Hypoparathyroid N


Legend: N = Normal ↑ = Increase ↓ = Decrease ? = Maybe


Plain radiography is used to visualise fractures and can reveal specific metabolic disorders of calcium. For example, Paget’s disease and osteoporosis.

Technetium scanning can reveal increased bone activity in fracture, infection and metastatic bone disease.

MRI allows detailed subchondral bone assessment.