Harm Caused By FII

FII is a form of child abuse.

It results in short term and/or long term harm to the child:

  • This may be physical morbidity or mortality related to the direct induction of illness. e.g. suffocation or poisoning. This includes death and serious physical injury
  • Fabrication results in harm to the child because of iatrogenic morbidity caused by unnecessary investigations, treatments and hospital admissions
  • FII also places restrictions on normal childhood development such as:
    • Reduced school attendance
    • Limited/no involvement in sporting or social activities
    • Anxiety over health and adoption of the sick role
    • Placement in special schools, adoption of special educational requirements
  • Long term emotional and psychological development may be impaired as a result of the abnormal relationship with the perpetrator [2]
  • There can be overlap with other forms of abuse:
    • Once FII is identified there is a significant risk of further abuse [1,2]
    • A significant percentage of those who did not suffer physical harm may become victims of other forms of abuse, e.g. neglect or physical abuse [7]

FII can cause death and disability as well as physical, emotional and psychological problems.

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