Author: Alicja Zabielna, Sita Anala, Jawad Malik / Editor: Yasmin Sultan / Codes: MaC2, MaP4, SLO4, SLO5Published: 06/07/2022

A 14-year-old girl presented at the Emergency Department (ED) with a foreign body impaled below her right eye following a fall into a tree.

She was complaining of pain in the right upper teeth and upper lip, and numbness of the right cheek.


On examination, she had a large twig vertically impaled into her right cheek, entering just below the medial aspect of the eye, with around 4cm visible externally. The upper end was pushing against the eyebrow, and the lower was embedded in the cheek, by an unknown distance. There was no active bleeding. The eye appeared to be intact.

She had full range of movement in all ocular muscles, normal visual acuity and peripheral vision. Trigeminal and facial nerve examination was in fact unremarkable1.

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