Crush Injuries of the Foot

A crushed foot may occur if it is run over by a vehicle or if a heavy weight falls on it. The foot will be swollen, bruised and painful. An x-ray may or may not show a fracture and if a fracture occurs, it will usually be to one or more of the smaller MTs.

While any fracture must be treated appropriately, it is important to recognise that the injury is more than just a fracture as there is a major soft tissue injury as well and even if the x-ray is normal, the injury cannot be ignored.

Occasionally there may be an occult fracture (requiring further x-rays or CT) but even if there is not, the soft tissue injury needs treatment to avoid morbidity.


Crush injuries require elevation and ice to reduce the swelling. Later they may need physiotherapy.

Patients may be able to elevate their feet at home (they will need crutches) but often need admission and will definitely need referral if there is any possibility of a compartment syndrome.

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