Visualising Injuries

Injuries of the talus may be seen on ankle x-rays. The lateral x-ray of the ankle and lateral x-ray of the foot are very similar. An AP x-ray of the ankle is shown (Fig 1) and is useful for visualising the talus.

In suspected calcaneal injuries, calcaneal views should be requested (Fig 2). If ankle x-rays are requested, it is not necessary to carry out a specific lateral of the calcaneum as this is just a coned ankle x-ray. However fractures may not always be easily seen on the lateral x-ray so an axial view of the calcaneum is taken.

When looking at the lateral x-ray of the ankle, it is important to look at Bohler’s angle (Fig 3). This should be about 140°. If Bohler’s angle is flattened, this suggests a fracture.

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