No Clinical Dehydration

The aim is to prevent dehydration [1]

Discharge home from the ED

Reassure parents and carers that most cases can be safely managed at home

Provide verbal advice to

  • Continue breast feeds and other milk feeds
  • Encourage fluid intake
  • Discourage fruit juices and carbonated drinks
  • If increased risk of dehydration, offer low osmolality ORS (i.e. Dioralyte┬«, Electrolade┬«) as a supplemental fluid
  • Seek advice from a healthcare professional if symptoms of dehydration develop
    • Appearing to get more unwell
    • Changing responsiveness (e.g. irritability or lethargy)
    • Decreased urine output
    • Pale or mottled skin
    • Cold extremities
  • Advise on the typical duration of symptoms and to seek advice if they do not resolve within these timeframes
    • Vomiting: 1-2 days, most stop within 3 days

Diarrhoea: 5-7 days, most stop within 2 weeks