Treatment Options

The treatment options for GBS are detailed below.

  • Lung function initially every four hours
  • ECG
  • BP
  • Autonomic function – pupils and ileus
  • Check for swallowing dysfunction
General measures
  • Pain relief: try to avoid opioids
  • Chronic neuropathic pain: amitriptyline or antiepileptic drugs
  • DVT prophylaxis
  • Eye care
  • Meticulous nursing to avoid pressure sores
  • Physiotherapy to avoid contractures
  • Consider early ICU admission for severely affected patients
Indications for ICU admission
  • Risk of aspiration pneumonia
  • Requiring ventilated support
  • Rapidly-progressive disease
  • Labile heart rate or blood pressure
Specific treatments
  • IVIG or PE for those unable to walk, ideally to start within two weeks of onset of symptoms
  • Typical IVIG regimen: 0.4g/kg for five days
  • Typical PE regimen: total exchange of five plasma volumes in two weeks
  • Retreatment with IVIG may be indicated if there is a secondary deterioration