Vital information must be shared in an accurate and timely manner between the pre-hospital and hospital practitioner to ensure early and relevant care is provided.

The use of a pre-alert facilitates continuous care of a patient on arrival to the hospital and forewarns the hospital to allow planning by means of a zero-point survey to ensure minimal disruption to the whole department and maximum immediate input for the patient.

Handover tools prevent degradation of information but must be pre-agreed between the pre-hospital and hospital teams to ensure a shared mental model.

Use of aide memoires and pre-printed handover sheets should be encouraged and developed as a whole team, involving both pre-hospital and in hospital teams.

A hands-off handover should be advocated to enhance team resource management during the handover.

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Extremely important and valuable presentation! thank you very much

Very important case for ED.

Dr Umniyah Shafeeq Baheej Qaddoora June 4, 2023 at 8:15 pm

I will use this tool as a quality improvement project in my ED

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