Other Dangers

Other dangers to be aware of include the following:

1. Equipment

When carrying equipment to or from a helicopter, hold it horizontally and below waist level. Never hold it vertically and beware of drip stands.

Any long object must be carried between two people, one at each end to avoid inadvertent contact with the rotor.

2. Loose objects

Never reach up or chase after an object that has been blown away by downwash.

Ensure that hospital or first aid attendants keep back trolleys and stretchers at a reasonable distance while the helicopter is landing or taking off.

This will avoid loose articles being blown away and prevent debris being blown onto the patient.

3. Blinding

If blinded by dust or a blowing object when the helicopter is landing, taking off or before the rotors have stopped, immediately stop and sit down. Never grope towards or away from the helicopter.

Protect eyes by shielding with your hand or squinting.

Warn spectators to ensure protection against dust or blown debris.

4. Vehicles

No vehicles should approach the helicopter when its rotors are turning.

If it is absolutely necessary for a vehicle to approach a stationary helicopter, this must be done under specific direction from the pilot in command.