Danger Areas on the Helicopter

Helicopters have many danger areas that you have to be aware of:

Tail rotor

Depending on the type of helicopter the tail area may be unprotected and difficult to see because of the high rotational speed.

In some helicopters the tail rotor is enclosed in a fenestron. For safety, regardless of the type of helicopter, the trail rotor must be avoided.

Learning Bite

Never pass close to the tail or directly behind a helicopter that has its engine or rotors turning.

Radio antennae

The radio antennae may be located on the top or underside of the fuselage and underneath the tail boom.

They are capable of causing radiation injury when operating. They can be damaged by handling and due care must be taken when loading or unloading patients.

Main rotor

The main rotor can tilt close to the ground during normal operations.

This clearance can be further decreased during operations on uneven or sloping ground and good situational awareness is paramount.

Static electricity

In flight a helicopter can build up considerable static charge or electricity.

Severe shocks, giving minor injuries, have been experienced by personnel touching aircraft before it has been earthed and a charge in the region of 250 000 volts has been measured.