Author: Rachel Furness / Editor: Yasmin Sultan / Codes: RP4, RP7, SLO3, SLO4, TP2 / Published: 10/08/2022

Trauma Pre-alert for 35-year-old gentleman who sustained injury to head and back after diving into the shallow end of a swimming pool.

HR 85, BP 80/50, RR 18, SaO2 100% on 15L, E3V4M5

A – Patent

B – Air entry equal, no obvious injury

C – No obvious external bleeding, abdomen soft and non tender, no bruising around pelvis, no obvious long bone fractures

D – E3V4M6, PEARL, Laceration to forehead, no signs of base of skull fracture. He has movement to both arms, but no movement or sensation to his lower limbs up to mid chest. When he is catheterised, he has no sensation of tug on catheter.

E – T 36.5, BM 8.7

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