LVADs currently in use

There are a number of device makes and models that you may encounter. 

The most common devices are the Heartware and the Heartmate III. Both magnetically levitated radial continuous flow, non-pulsatile devices. 

There are other devices including the Jarvic2000 and the Heartmate II, which are continuous flow non-pulsatile axial impellar pumps.

The pictures below highlight the LVADs you are likely to see in the emergency department.

Notice they have 2 battery sources but only 1 is required for the LVAD to function. If both batteries are off, you have 15 minutes before the controller based power supply fails. 

This should give time for the controller to be plugged into a mains power source or a fresh battery connected. 

There are lights on the battery to show how well charged it is. 

Here is a link to a video explaining the controller interface