Authors: Andrew Charlton / Editor: Mark Winstanley / Reviewer: Andrew Charlton / Codes: NeuP2, SLO12 / Published: 05/03/2022

A 29-year-old man from Afghanistan presented to the Emergency Department complaining of intermittent right-sided headaches for the last two years. The headaches are pulsatile in nature and radiate down the right side of his head. He does not describe any red flag symptoms. He was previously prescribed a medication to help with the headaches when he lived in Afghanistan but he cannot remember what this was called.

One of your colleagues sees the patient with the help of an interpreter and discusses the case with you. You are in agreement that the history and examination are consistent with a diagnosis of migraine. You suggest prescribing the patient some analgesia and suggest arranging primary care follow up. Your colleague asks if he needs to pay for his attendance and whether he can register with a GP because he is an immigrant and does not have permanent residency.  

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