Hepatitis B vaccination

The hep B vaccines available are Energix B and HBVaxPRO.  As with HIV PEP medications Hep B vaccine should be available in the ED. An accelerated course of hep B vaccine consists of doses at 0, 1, and 2 months.

Vaccine product Ages and group Dose Volume
Energix B 0-15 years 10ug 0.5ml
Energix B 16 years and over 20ug 1.0ml
Fendrix Renal insufficiency and 15 and over 20ug 0.5ml
HBvax PRO Paediatric 0-15 years 5ug 0.5ml
HBvax PRO 16 years and over 10ug 1.0ml
HBvax PRO40 Adult dialysis and pre-dialysis patients 40ug 1.0ml