Pitfalls and Key Points


  • Remember to work within your own competencies and follow local guidelines
  • If the child appears unwell or you are unsure of the diagnosis you should always refer to your local friendly paediatrician or paediatric surgeon!

Session key points:

  • In vomiting neonates serious pathology is unlikely in well, hydrated infants without concerning features in the history or examination (EL3a).
  • Hematemesis in a healthy new-born is most often caused by swallowed maternal blood (EL4).
  • GOR is very common and neither treatment nor investigation should be offered for isolated overt regurgitation (EL1a).
  • For infants presenting with typical symptoms of colic and a normal examination further investigations are not usually required (EL4).
  • There is little conclusive evidence for any medical intervention in patients with colic (EL1a).
  • There is little conclusive evidence for use of drugs in the treatment of GORD (EL1a) but these should be introduced in a stepwise manner (EL5).
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