MRI Scan Sections

MRI scans of the brain and spine are commonly presented to the viewer in transaxial, coronal and sagittal sections. However, as MRI can capture data from virtually any plane, the representation of data can be manipulated to provide maximal clinical information, e.g. neurovascular structures can be displayed in three dimensions to support planning of surgery.

In cranial and spinal imaging however the routine practice is to provide two sets of axial views, with and without contrast. The three images show MRI views of the normal brain in the three axes described above. Remember that conventional CT scanning collects data in the transaxial plane only and depends on thickness of ‘slices’ to deliver sensitivity for detection of smaller lesions and creation of other views.

These scans are all presented with T1 weighting, highlighting fatty tissue (brain).

Fig 1: Brain T1 sagittal section

Fig 2: Brain T1 coronal section

Fig 3: Brain T1 transaxial section