Clinical Case 5

James has been brought in to the ED by police. He had been on the harbour wall and, when they spoke to him, jumped into the water. The water was shallow, he had landed on his feet but then stumbled and fell. The police helped him out of the water and by their account, he came willingly to the hospital although stating on several occasions that he just wanted to be left alone to kill himself. The police are still present in the Department.

James’ clothes are wet, he is limping and has blood on his face from a small wound above his left eyebrow. However, he is now insisting that he did not come to the hospital voluntarily and wants to leave. He becomes increasingly determined to self-discharge when you speak to him and refuses to discuss his plans if he does leave.


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Good article to cover mental health problems in context of ED

Dr Amr Moqbel Alodaini March 2, 2023 at 11:33 am

this is an excellent reviewer. well-put questions and focusing on commonly encountered psychiatric problems in ED

many thanks

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