• Hand injuries account for 5-10% of attendances to EDs in the UK, however 20-30% of hand injuries are improperly diagnosed and go unrecognised.
  • Distinguishing an occult tendon, ligament or nerve injury from an uncomplicated laceration or crush injury requires a good understanding of hand anatomy and function, in addition to establishing accurate injury history and carrying out a thorough clinical examination.
  • Optimal management of soft-tissue hand injuries in the ED will identify those patients who can be safely managed by ED clinicians, and will also ensure that those patients needing hand specialist clinic care will be identified and referred with minimal delay.
  • This session discusses the presentation of common soft-tissue hand injuries, their clinical evaluation and their subsequent management, including when to make a referral to a specialist hand surgeon.
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Mr Dawar Amin Muhammad Chughtai November 1, 2023 at 9:08 am

A brilliant module.

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