Acute Angle Closure Glaucoma (AACG)

The management of acute angle closure glaucoma (AACG) centres around early identification and definitive surgical treatment.

Medical therapy may be initiated to reduce pain and clear corneal oedema, [14] particularly if a delay to specialist ophthalmological assessment of more than one hour is anticipated.

Acetazolamide and topical miotics or antihypertensives should be considered.

For further information see the session: Management of the Atraumatic Red Eye.

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Definitive surgical treatment is the recommended gold standard intervention for acute angle closure glaucoma. Medical treatment exists to control symptoms and prepare the eye for intervention.

Fig.13 This image shows AACG. Note the mid sized pupil, which was nonreactive to light, and conjunctivitis. [The image by James Heilman via Wikimedia Commons]