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Authors:  Ruth Brown, Melinda McPherson, Ashleigh Lowther / Editors:  Ruth Brown, Melinda McPherson, Ashleigh Lowther / Codes: SLO9Published: 07/06/2023

This online learning session is aimed at Educational Supervisors of ACPs who will be credentialing on the 2022 ACP curriculum. To be eligible for this role you must be an Emergency physician on the Medical Register in the UK with no restrictions to practice, and

  • be on the Specialist Register in Emergency Medicine, be an RCEM Fellow in good standing, be in a substantive EM consultant role and be recognised by the GMC as a supervisor, OR
  • be an Associate Specialist or Senior Specialty Doctor, be an associate Fellow of the RCEM, be in a substantive role in Emergency Medicine and be recognised by the GMC as a supervisor.

If an ACP is credentialing in children only, the Educational Supervisor will be eligible to undertake this role if they meet the above criteria or, alternatively, are on the Specialist Register in Paediatrics, are a Member of the RCPCH in good standing, are in a substantive consultant role in a Paediatric Emergency department and are recognised by the GMC as a supervisor.

This learning session consists of seven short videos (modules) which were recorded during a live virtual training session.  At the end of the training, you will be asked to complete a series of multiple-choice questions (MCQs). The answers should be clear from listening to the videos and reading the curriculum and regulations which can be found on the RCEM website here. For successful completion of this training, a score of 50% or above is required for the MCQs, in addition to watching the videos. You will have 2 attempts to achieve this pass mark; if unsuccessful, you will be required to attend a ‘live’ virtual training session.

Once you have completed the training (including the MCQs), you will be assigned the ACP Educational Supervisor role on the ePortfolio platform, giving you access to the ESR, FEGS and Foundation Sign-off forms. Please allow up to 10 working days for this to occur. NB: to access the supervisor forms on the ePortfolio platform, the ACP must also add you to their portfolio as their ACP Educational Supervisor.