Syncope results from a temporary reduction in cerebral perfusion. Although in a significant proportion of cases (up to 50%) no underlying pathology is identified, there are a number of recognised causes of syncope:

Classification of Syncope
Neurally mediated syncope vasovagal (common faint), carotid sinus syncope, Situational – e.g. cough, sneeze, GI   stimulation, micturition, post prandial
Orthostatic Drug effects
Volume depletion
Autonomic failure – e.g. Parkinson’s disease, diabetic neuropathy
Cardiac arrythmias  e.g. SVT, VT, Inhereted syndromes (long / short QT, Brugada, WPW)
Structural cardiac disease Ventricular failure
Aortic stenosis
Cerebrovascular Vascular steal

We will look at each of these on the next page.

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