Authors: Samantha Mills, Thomas Webster / Editor: Andrew Tabner, Graham Johnson / Reviewer: Samantha Mills / Codes: EnvC7, PhC2, PhC3, PhC4, PhC5, PhP2, SaC1, SaC3, SaP1, SaP2, SLO2, SLO3, SLO7, XC3 / Published: 24/12/2022

A 45-year-old female attends the Emergency Department (ED) after having taken one and a half caps (approx. 50ml) of Ethanediol antifreeze, ingested approximately 7 hours prior to presentation.

The patient presents with mild light headedness but no other systemic symptoms. The ingestion was a pre-planned attempt to self-harm following recent exacerbating negative factors affecting her mental health.

On presentation she is haemodynamically stable, objectively and subjectively of low mood with persistent suicidal ideation. Examination in the Emergency Department returns normal findings.

Aside from ingesting antifreeze, the patient has taken her regular medication and no alcohol.